He was loyal, loveable, funny, filled with passion and generosity. He was a firm believer that Jesus Christ was his protector and savior.  Kenny would go out of his way to help others. Kenny had a passion for children with special needs.  It started with his little cousin Michael.  Michael and Kenny shared a special bond, and it led Kenny to want to work with other special needs children when he got older.  Michael passed away just one month after Kenny.  Growing up, Kenny was always the life of the party. When he walked into a room his personality and smile were never far behind. Kenny played football most of his life and had a love for the game.  Kenny loved to fish every chance he could with his uncle, Carl.   As a child, Kenny was fearless.  As he grew older that attitude never left him.   Kenny left us on January 3, 2007, and if you ask his sister Ashley, he still owes her $8.00. 


On January 3, 2007, Kenny was tragically killed in an automobile crash. That midnight knock at the door to this day still echoes in the minds of his family. To hear that your child will never be coming home triggers such raw emotions that only people who walk this path can truly understand the depth of the loss of a child that Kenny’s family now has to experience. To be told that you will never see your son or daughters face or hear their voice again is an unimaginable reality. So, in honor of his memory, his parents established The Kenny Wolfe Foundation.  It is the hope of the family to reduce the lives of teens lost in a vehicle collision and to provide Christ-centered support to families who had to experience this unthinkable tragedy.